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2nd Grade Educational Software & Computer Games

Help your second grader excel in math, reading, writing, spelling and science with Software for Kids' educational software and computer games.

Reader Rabbit Personalized 2nd Grade Deluxe (PN: 27806)

Personalized Software that Builds a Full Year of 2nd Grade Skills!
children educational software - This second grade software features A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology. A dynamic system that continually adjusts the program to match your child's growing abilities. Filled with activities to help your child learn reading, arithmetic, problem solving and more.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Arthur's 2nd Grade (PN: 32805)

Packed with Learning and Fun for second graders!
children educational software - Arthur's 2nd Grad delivers a full year's worth of grade school skills in an entertaining format that makes the most of a child's natural curiosity. Multiple levels of challenge promises a rewarding learning experience for every child. This educational software is the perfect combination of learning, fun, and helpful features.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

JumpStart 2nd Grade (PN: 9312)

A learning adventure that teaches essential skills!
Children educational software - Use your math, science, grammar, and other skills to solve the many challenges found in 22 interactive games. Keep children involved for hours of learning fun.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Smart Steps 2nd Grade (PN: 27854)

Enroll your second grader in program with more of everything!
children educational software - Kids love to explore the world around them, and now you can harness that curiosity to help them learn key subjects like math, science, reading, and creativity. This engaging software program has over 300 non-stop activities for little ones to try, including 120 math, 110 reading, and 30 practical science lessons.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

ELEMENTARY ADVANTAGE - Grades 1 - 5 (PN: 86656)

Help your child build a solid academic foundation!
children educational software - Elementary School Advantage 2009 delivers the most award-winning content aligned with classroom curriculum. Get the best results with over 1,600 lessons and 2,000 exercises in the core subjects. Take advantage of a premier educational tool that offers state standards-driven content to increase scores in key subject areas.    More detail...

Price: $29.95

I Love Math (PN: 2071074-1)

Turn Math Frustration Into Math Fun!
children educational software - A unique learning adventure for children aged 7-11 developed by education experts! I Love Math is a spectacular animated time-travel adventure. Kids will have fun with six exciting games, thousands of math problems, more than 1000 animations, and is for one or two players.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

My First Amazing Science Explorer (PN: 27990)

Interactive software includes 20 hands-on experiments
children educational software - Exciting first look at the world of science! Basic scientific concepts are clearly explained in simple language and with colorful illustrations. Interactive software includes 20 hands-on experiments. Discover the answers to hundreds of amazing questions about the Principles of Science.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Madeline 2nd Grade Classroom Companion (PN: 30878)

New Arrival! Bonjour! Madeline can't wait to explore her town with you!
children educational software - Visit the Book Store, Stationery Store, the Post Office, the Theatre, or play with Yvette. Paint pictures in the Art Studio, or have fun away from the computer with printable activities. There's even a magic show! With Madeline as your pal, the fun and learning never ends!    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading Ages 6-9 (PN: 31436)

Children will take a fascinating journey along the Reading Road!
children educational software - Children will take a fascinating journey along the Reading Road! A step toward fostering a lifelong love of stories, reading, and language. Playful language, colorful animations, and engaging sound effects provide a delightful environment for children to build their reading skills.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

I Love The USA (PN: 2082486-2)

Discover the Glory of America! Explore all 50 states!
children educational software - Make learning fun with this Mystery Adventure. Visit states and landmarks through stunning videos and animations! Build critical thinking skills with maps, puzzles and games! Includes geography, history, culture, capitals and more.    More detail...

Price: $14.95


The Complete Typing Preparedness Program for kids in Grade School!
children educational software - Designed specifically for kids, JumpStart Typing combines its award-winning learning system and game-play to make learning to type fun and easy. Your child will become an accomplished typist while being entertained and engaged in four extreme sporting events.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

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  • Software for Kids caters to children all ages and grades, from toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, K-5, to middle school. Software For Kids has educational software and academic games to help your child improve their typing, math and reading skills and their understanding of science. is your preferred destination for software that are important to your kid's educational needs.

    We know teachers and parents want to provide their children with the very best preparation for learning. So how do you give your child a head start?

    These educational software for kids will show your child how to learn and have fun at the same time, which also provide your children a foundation for future years.

    Our software programs are educational, involving, stimulating and always fun. Whether you buy them for your kids or grandkids, as the school supplies, a birthday or holiday present, or as an inexpensive treat, you won't regret of helping your kids become smarter in school.

    The Educational Software for kids is specifically designed to help your child develop an interest for learning in an easy way.

    This software titles will help your kids in their homework, and improve their grades.