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Smart Steps 2nd Grade


(PN: 27854)
Enroll your second grader in program with more of everything!

Kids love to explore the world around them, and now you can harness that curiosity to help them learn key subjects like math, science, reading, and creativity. This engaging software program has over 300 non-stop activities for little ones to try, including 120 math, 110 reading, and 30 practical science lessons. Youngsters can combine science with reading to identify the animals in a lovely nature illustration, improve their reading skills with five interactive storybooks, and use coloring puzzles to figure out the answers to multiplication and division problems. There is also a Print Machine for kids to make their own colorful crafts, a recorder to hold songs and sound effects in, a sticker book where kids can keep up to 218 stickers they have earned through their own hard work, and much more. Parents can also monitor their child's progress with the easy-to-use Progress Chart, which lets them see what subjects their little one likes best, and which ones still need a little extra work.

Developed by dedicated educators, Smart Steps covers the complete second grade core curriculum along with lots of creative activities to help your child head straight for the top.

Keep your child a step ahead!

Skills Learned:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Creativity
  • and more!

Software Features:

  • 300 non-stop learning games
  • 120 math activities
  • 110 reading activities
  • 30 practical science lessons
  • Interactive reading books
  • 5 original learning songs
  • Child-friendly word processor
  • Self-motivating sticker reward system
  • Prepares children for a lifetime of learning

Publisher:  Global Software Publishing

Windows Requirements
  • Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Pentium II or faster
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 6 MB free disk space
  • 640x480 display, 16-bit color
  • 4X CD-ROM drive
  • Sound Card
Macintosh Requirements
  • Mac OS System 7.5.1 to 9.0
  • PowerPC 120MHz or better
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 6 MB free disk space
  • 640x480 pixels, 256 colors
  • 4X CD-ROM drive
  • Sound Card

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