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Lego Creator


(PN: 27088)
Create and explore your own virtual Lego world!

Enjoy an unlimited supply of Lego bricks within a fantastic 3D environment, complete with all your favorite items and mini-figures from the Lego System town theme.

Build your own structures brick by brick or combine amazing pre-built models including helicopters, trucks, and buildings into elaborate ply worlds limited only by your imagination. In "Play Mode," explore and watch your creations come to life - drive cars, fly helicopters, or come face to face with your favorite min-figures.

For a final thrill, take your creations, apart using explosive 'Destructa bricks!'

Easily zoom in, zoom out, and view every angle along with animating and attaching sound effects to your creations!

Lego Creator provides endless hours of fun!

Software Features:

Build - Create your own world with pre-built models or build brick-by-brick.

Explore - Explore your creation from any viewpoint - you can even see your world through the eyes of a mini-figure!

Share - Save your models and share them with friends on disk!

Destruct - Have fun exploding your creations.

Endless Hours of Entertainment

  • Create your own vehicles and sign animations, sound and motion paths
  • Explore mountain tops with rescue helicopters
  • Pre-built vehicles are ready for action
  • Add police or fire stations to your worlds
  • Populate your world with buildings, vehicles, your favorite Lego characters
  • Create and print building instructions and share them with friends
  • View all the action in the video suite
  • Help is just a click away with the easy-to-use Lego Creator tutorial
  • Give your figures the colors, clothing, and tools they'll do their job right
  • Bring your favorite mini-figures to life, realistic movements, sound effects
  • Bikes, helicopters, and trucks are easily brought to life, you are in control
  • Add pre-built models and explore every room
  • Zoo in/out and view every angle

Ages: 8 and Up

Publisher:  Lego Media

Windows Requirements
  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
  • Pentium II 400MHz or faster processor
  • 32MB of RAM
  • 85MB hard drive space
  • 800x600 monitor, 16-bit color
  • Sound card

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