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Kindergarten Educational Software & Computer Games

Prepare your children for kindergarten by helping them learn math, spelling and reading with Software for Kids' educational software and computer games.

Reader Rabbit Personalized Kindergarten (PN: 27808)

Learn a full year of Kindergarten skills!
children educational software - This Kindergarten software features A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology. A dynamic system that continually adjusts the program to match your child's growing abilities, so learning is always stimulating and never frustrating.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

JumpStart Kindergarten (PN: 37762)

Learning is fun with JumpStart Kindergarten as they build skills !
children educational software - Kids build essential Kindergarten skills and get a head start on 1st Grade with the help of fun animal friends, music, and animation! Master key skills in Math, Reading, Science, Spelling, and more!    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Mighty Math Carnival Countdown - Grades K-2 (PN: 30848)

Builds Basic Concepts & Problem-Solving Skills for Math Success
children educational software - Learning and understanding math is fun with Carnival Countdown! Problem Solving and Logic Place Value. Entertaining activities teach addition and subtraction, place value, sorting and classifying, logic and problem solving. Learning and understanding math is fun with Carnival Countdown!    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading Ages 6-9 (PN: 31436)

Children will take a fascinating journey along the Reading Road!
children educational software - Children will take a fascinating journey along the Reading Road! A step toward fostering a lifelong love of stories, reading, and language. Playful language, colorful animations, and engaging sound effects provide a delightful environment for children to build their reading skills.    More detail...

Price: $14.95


The award-winning I Spy CD-ROM is now better than ever!
children educational software - I Spy School Days has the magic of the original PLUS dozens of new challenges. I Spy School Days challenges kids to use their brains and having fun! Explore nine unique play areas. Solve over 1,600 object and word searches.    More detail...

Price: $17.95

Dr. Seuss Kindergarten (PN: 29145)

When Kids Laugh More....They Learn More (Combines Fun & Learning)
children educational software - The program has lots of hidden clickables and a variety of play activities such as the Musical Band where you can click on individual band members to hear a tune or play with the Clock Sculpture to learn about time.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

My First Amazing Science Explorer (PN: 27990)

Interactive software includes 20 hands-on experiments
children educational software - Exciting first look at the world of science! Basic scientific concepts are clearly explained in simple language and with colorful illustrations. Interactive software includes 20 hands-on experiments. Discover the answers to hundreds of amazing questions about the Principles of Science.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

JumpStart Phonics - Read & Rhyme (PN: 42986)

Phonics is the Key to Reading Success
children educational software - Voice Activated Learning. Includes eight skill building activities and read-along songs. Children will have lots of fun while they are learning phonics! Children join familiar JumpStart characters in a place where reading, words and sounds abound.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Reader Rabbit Personalized Math Ages 6-9 (PN: 29713)

A Journey that Builds Essential Math Skills
children educational software - Builds early math skills while enhancing an appreciation for numbers. Children explore number concepts in a series of fun games. Each fun activity has many play levels, progressing from the easiest to most difficult.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Land Before Time Kindergarten Adventure (PN: 33755)

Think, Learn and Laugh in The Land Before Time Kindergarten Adventure
children educational software - There's plenty to learn in The Land Before Time! And Littlefoot and friends are busy making sure it's fun, too. Children work with their dino pals to construct stories, animated scenes, musical interludes, and printable crafts.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Mighty Math Zoo Zillions - Grades K-2 (PN: 30849)

Zoo Zillions Builds Math Skills and Confidence!
children educational software - Mighty Math Zoo Zillions teaches kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students the concepts, facts, and thinking skills necessary to build math confidence and develop a strong, lasting understanding of math! Zoo Zillions Builds Math Skills and Confidence!    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Mickey's Kindergarten with Active Leveling Advantage! (PN: 37361)

Building Block for KindergartenSuccess
children educational software - Disney's Mickey Mouse Kindergarten is filled with activities that build self-confidence by means of continuous positive reinforcement from Mickey and his friends. Kids can learn about Language Arts, Math, Following Directions and other age appropriate skills.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

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  • Software for Kids caters to children all ages and grades, from toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, K-5, to middle school. Software For Kids has educational software and academic games to help your child improve their typing, math and reading skills and their understanding of science. is your preferred destination for software that are important to your kid's educational needs.

    We know teachers and parents want to provide their children with the very best preparation for learning. So how do you give your child a head start?

    These educational software for kids will show your child how to learn and have fun at the same time, which also provide your children a foundation for future years.

    Our software programs are educational, involving, stimulating and always fun. Whether you buy them for your kids or grandkids, as the school supplies, a birthday or holiday present, or as an inexpensive treat, you won't regret of helping your kids become smarter in school.

    The Educational Software for kids is specifically designed to help your child develop an interest for learning in an easy way.

    This software titles will help your kids in their homework, and improve their grades.