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Preschool Educational Software & Computer Games

Help your preschooler learn the alphabet, reading, math and computer skills with Software for Kids' educational software and computer games.

Reader Rabbit Personalized Preschool (PN: 32720)

Excellent way to prepare your child for Preschool and beyond!
children educational software - This preschool educational software play world is filled with letters, numbers, shapes and more! These activities keep your child engaged and entertained for hours.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Arthur's Preschool (PN: 27805)

Packed with learning and fun for preschoolers!
children educational software - Preschool is a big step for little learners, but it doesn't have to be a difficult one. Trust Arthur to lead your child through a delightful learning world where building important skills is as easy and as much fun as playing a game.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Millie's Math House (PN: 32747)

Develop a love for math with Millie!
children educational software - In seven fun-filled activities, kids explore fundamental math concepts as they learn about numbers, shapes, sizes, quantities, patterns, sequencing, addition, and subtraction. Special features include Explore & Discover and Question and Answer modes.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

JumpStart Preschool (PN: 8736)

There's No Stopping a Kid with a JumpStart!
children educational software - JumpStart Preschool has 10 irresistible interactive puzzles, games and play areas. The award winning JumpStart Elementary Learning System is based on nationally recommended curricula and actual teacher lesson plans.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

JumpStart Phonics - Read & Rhyme (PN: 42986)

Phonics is the Key to Reading Success
children educational software - Voice Activated Learning. Includes eight skill building activities and read-along songs. Children will have lots of fun while they are learning phonics! Children join familiar JumpStart characters in a place where reading, words and sounds abound.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Caillou Ready For School (PN: 42039)

Join Caillou as you get ready for school!
children educational software - In this jam-packed set, your child will join Caillou in over 100 activities and 128 printable workbook pages on five CD-ROMs, as well as two bonus sets of 52 flash cards! Caillou is a wide-eyed four year old who learns about life - one adventure at a time!    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics! Preschool & Kindergarten (PN: 32467)

Hop down the road to reading readiness with Reader Rabbit by your side!
children educational software - There's no better companion on the road to reading readiness than trusted learning pal, Reader Rabbit. Expertly designed for eager pre-readers, this delightful program gently guides young learners through 26 exciting Letter Lands and a dynamic Word Factory.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

I Love Phonics! (PN: 29459)

Fun activities introduce your child to letters, sounds, and phonemes!
children educational software - I Love Phonics is a fully interactive program that teaches phonics in the most fun and effective manner possible: by letting young players discover the principles of phonics for themselves.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Clifford The Big Red Dog - Learning Activities (PN: 33009)

Clifford and Pals Make Learning Big Fun!
children educational software - Clifford and Pals Make Learning Big Fun! A popular magazine is looking for a special community of dogs to feature in their next issue and Clifford, T-Bone, and Cleo want to make a big impression! Children develop important skills with Clifford and friends.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat (PN: 22668-P)

The Cat in the Hat comes to life in your house!
children educational software - And along with the Cat come Thing One and Thing Two, they're all here together to have fun with you. You can follow along as the story is read, or click on the objects and play games instead.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Kid Pix Deluxe 3 (PN: 28263-P)

Fun Tools for Big Imaginations!
children educational software - The Kid Pix family of products have inspired kids to express their natural creativity with innovative, fun, wacky and totally unique art tools. Young kids will love experimenting with realistic art tools like paint brushes, chalk, crayon, marker pen, finger-paint and airbrush.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

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  • Software for Kids caters to children all ages and grades, from toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, K-5, to middle school. Software For Kids has educational software and academic games to help your child improve their typing, math and reading skills and their understanding of science. is your preferred destination for software that are important to your kid's educational needs.

    We know teachers and parents want to provide their children with the very best preparation for learning. So how do you give your child a head start?

    These educational software for kids will show your child how to learn and have fun at the same time, which also provide your children a foundation for future years.

    Our software programs are educational, involving, stimulating and always fun. Whether you buy them for your kids or grandkids, as the school supplies, a birthday or holiday present, or as an inexpensive treat, you won't regret of helping your kids become smarter in school.

    The Educational Software for kids is specifically designed to help your child develop an interest for learning in an easy way.

    This software titles will help your kids in their homework, and improve their grades.