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JumpStart Advanced Preschool Multi-User (PN: C0679-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Preschool Educational Software - Support Preschoolers' Learning Enthusiasm. Preschool students develop pre-reading and early math skills while caring for baby animals in an adopt-a-pet program. As they master essential early learning concepts, students are rewarded with the toys, treats, and grooming tools the pets need for adoption.    More detail Purchase >>


JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten Multi-User (PN: C0686-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Kindergarten Educational Software - Designed for more effective learning. Create personalized learning experiences with kindergarten activities students select based on their own learning style. Keep an active learning environment with a variety of games that automatically adjust to each student's ability level.    More detail Purchase >>


JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade Multi-User (PN: C0692-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Elementary educational software - Captivating rewards keep students engaged in learning. Enter the JumpStart Scooter Tournament in this all-new program. Students develop important first-grade skills through cross-curricular activities that develop phonics, reading, spelling, fractions, money, and early science concepts.    More detail Purchase >>


JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade Multi-User (PN: C0698-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Elementary educational software - Cross-curricular activities build thinking skills. Students span the globe while mastering skills and concepts through engaging, interactive learning activities. Every program develops a full range of language arts, math, science, music, and art skills.    More detail Purchase >>


JumpStart 3rd Grade Multi-User (PN: C0192-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Elementary educational software - Cross-curricular activities build thinking skills. Prepare students for higher learning with interactive lessons and activities in math, language arts, social studies, science, art, and music. This engaging learning adventure provides review and practice to reinforce basic concepts.    More detail Purchase >>


JumpStart 4th Grade - Multi-User (PN: C0445-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Elementary educational software - Cross-curricular problem-solving activities build thinking skills. Through cross-curricular problem-solving activities, students learn the core subjects of the 4th grade curriculum including language arts, math, geography, earth and natural science, art, and music.    More detail Purchase >>


Reading Blaster Ages 6-8 Multi-User (PN: C0541-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Support beginning reading through sound and song. Students develop language arts skills with high levels of auditory support. By focusing on developing phonics, spelling, language mechanics, and vocabulary skills, this program helps students acquire the tools to read and listen effectively.    More detail Purchase >>


Math Blaster Ages 6-8 Multi-User (PN: C0513-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Sharpen number skills. Sharpen students' math skills through number challenges that build operations and data skills. Students are introduced to addition and subtraction and learn to sort both simple and complex sets. Additional exploration activities build visual and logical thinking skills.    More detail Purchase >>


Reading Blaster Ages 9-12 Multi-User (PN: C0279-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Sharpen reading comprehension skills. Students develop critical thinking skills as they learn to read for details, find the main idea, make inferences, draw conclusions, and build reading vocabularies. Using context clues and parts of speech rules, students discover word meanings and build reading comprehension skills.    More detail Purchase >>


Math Blaster Ages 9-12 Multi-User (PN: C0069-S)

Correlated to NCTM & NCTE/IRA Standards!

Prepare for algebra. Students develop advanced elementary math skills by completing equations, and using integers, fractions, decimals, and percentages. An adventure-story context keeps students' attention.    More detail Purchase >>


JumpStart Study Helpers Math Booster - Multi-User (PN: C0723-S)

Improve early math skills! For 1st-5th Grade!

Elementary educational software - With five grades of math content and multiple levels of difficulty, this program provides an interactive math environment focused on the current classroom curriculum. Special features include Expandable math problem database, and a rich collection of extension activities printable for classroom use.    More detail Purchase >>


JumpStart Study Helpers Spelling Bee - Multi-User (PN: C0731-S)

Improve every student's spelling skills! For 1st-5th Grade!

Elementary educational software - With five grades of vocabulary content and multiple levels of difficulty, this program presents an opportunity to study in an interactive learning environment focused on the current classroom curriculum with positive results! Special features include 2000 words pre-programmed into each activity, and Expandable vocabulary database.    More detail Purchase >>


JumpStart Typing For Kids Multi-User (PN: C0206-S)

The Complete Typing Preparedness Program for kids in Grade School!

Elementary educational software - Designed specifically for kids, JumpStart Typing combines its award-winning learning system and game-play to make learning to type fun and easy. Your child will become an accomplished typist while being entertained and engaged in four extreme sporting events.    More detail Purchase >>


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