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Science Educational Software

Stimulate your children's interest in science with Software for Kids' educational software and computer games.

My First Amazing Science Explorer (PN: 27990)

Interactive software includes 20 hands-on experiments
children educational software - Exciting first look at the world of science! Basic scientific concepts are clearly explained in simple language and with colorful illustrations. Interactive software includes 20 hands-on experiments. Discover the answers to hundreds of amazing questions about the Principles of Science.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

JumpStart Animal Adventures (PN: 36175)

Discover the World of Animals
children educational software - Explore the world's amazing animals! Go face-to-face with wild animals as you witness fascinating habitats filled with untamed adventure. Includes over 40 unique animals in 16 action-packed activities!    More detail...

Price: $14.95

I Love Science (PN: 2071078-3)

Turn Science Frustration Into Science Fun!
children educational software - I Love Science is a fully interactive science lab that teaches science in the most fun and effective manner possible: by letting young players discover the principles of science for themselves. Teaches over 100 science topics covered in school such as energy and forces, life and matter.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Children's Encyclopedia (PN: 43286)

The essential multimedia encyclopedia for children
children educational software - Eyewitness Children's Encyclopedia breaks the mold by presenting creative 3D landscapes which transport children to virtual worlds. More than 6,000 information screens and pop-ups each present a wealth of detailed information, all of it especially created by educational experts for this encyclopedia.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Encyclopedia of Nature (PN: 125111)

Animals, Plants, Amazing Habitats
children educational software - A comprehensive and dynamic guide to hundreds of species of animals and plants and the habitats in which they live. Get a Unique Perspective on Nature! Secrets of the Natural World! Experience beautifully rendered 3D habitats to learn more about the plants and animals that inhabit them!    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Dinosaur Hunter (PN: 25227)

Bring Long-Extinct Creatures Back to Life!
children educational software - Kids get to bring dinosaurs back to life! They will get to travel millions of years into the past, when the terrifying T-Rex and the vicious Velociraptor stalked the earth - features 50 different species of dinosaurs. Bring Long-Extinct Creatures Back to Life! Rewind History!    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Thinkin' Science - ZAP! (PN: 32803)

The Science of Light, Sound, and Electricity
Introduce your child to the fun and mystery of science! Working with laser beams, electrical circuits, and "visible" sound waves, students practice valuable thinking skills - observation, prediction, deductive reasoning, conceptual modeling, theory building, and hypothesis testing - while experimenting within a highly scientifically accurate environment.    More detail...

Price: $14.95

Encyclopedia of Our Living Oceans (PN: 35154)

An interactive guide to the seas
children educational software - Protect Underwater Treasures! Understanding the human impact on coral reefs and their inhabitants will inspire and teach students how to preserve delicate ecosystems. Follow in the Wake of Famous Oceanographers! Dive into the Ocean’s Complex Depths!    More detail...

Price: $14.95

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  • Software for Kids caters to children all ages and grades, from toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, K-5, to middle school. Software For Kids has educational software and academic games to help your child improve their typing, math and reading skills and their understanding of science. is your preferred destination for software that are important to your kid's educational needs.

    We know teachers and parents want to provide their children with the very best preparation for learning. So how do you give your child a head start?

    These educational software for kids will show your child how to learn and have fun at the same time, which also provide your children a foundation for future years.

    Our software programs are educational, involving, stimulating and always fun. Whether you buy them for your kids or grandkids, as the school supplies, a birthday or holiday present, or as an inexpensive treat, you won't regret of helping your kids become smarter in school.

    The Educational Software for kids is specifically designed to help your child develop an interest for learning in an easy way.

    This software titles will help your kids in their homework, and improve their grades.