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Bailey's Book House


(PN: 30159)
Develop a love for reading with Bailey!

Seven activities help develop beginning literacy skills. Bailey and his friends inspire early readers to learn letters, words and word families, rhyming, prepositions, adjectives, and storytelling. Make your own greeting cards and storybooks too! A special highlighting technique encourages kids to follow words as they hear them read aloud.

Software Features:

Create Your Own Story - Become an author as you send Bailey's friends on wonderful adventures. Print your stories and fold them into books.

Learn the Alphabet with Letter Machine! - Touch a letter on the talking Letter Machine to see dinosaurs dance and rhinos rollerskate.

Make Your Own Rhymes - Mother Goose rhymes take a new twist when you click on the pictures and become a poet in Read-a-Rhyme.

Sound Out Words at the Three-Letter Carnival! - Group animals and objects by names that rhyme, or by names that begin with the same letter.

Explore Adjectives with My Friend - Watch your friend change as you select adjectives that describe different kinds of eyes, noses, hair, mouths, arms, and feet.

Ages: 3 to 5

Publisher:  Edmark

Windows Requirements
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • 486/33 MHz or faster
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 5 MB free hard disk space
  • 640x480, 256 or more colors
  • Sound card & speakers
  • 2X CD-ROM drive
  • Optional: Printer
Macintosh Requirements
  • Mac OS 7.01-9.2, OS X Classic mode
  • 68030, 68040, Power PC or better
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 5 MB free hard disk space
  • 640x480, 256 or more colors
  • 2X CD-ROM drive
  • Optional: Printer

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